Do you hear the angels singing?
Singing praise to God above?
Joy and worship they are bringing
As an offering of love.
In the towns and in the boroughs
People love to sing God’s praise.
Here today or gone tomorrow
Praising Jesus all their days.
In the churchyards and the classrooms
Children worship God with joy
Rising up to heav’n like perfume
Honors from each girl and boy.
In the cities and the fields
Men proclaim their faith all day.
Whether shovels, pens, or shields,
By their toiling they obey.
In the houses and the manors
Women teach the gospel tale.
By their labors and their manners
Jesus’ grace do they unveil.
In the forests and the meadows
Nature shows His splendid grace.
In the oceans and the shallows
Loveliness reveals His face.

(photo by Pixabay)