Your last farewell now slowly fades away.
It coldly vanishes into the night.
I feel my wretched heart fall to dismay.
I see you disappearing from my sight.

A hundred voices fill me with regret.
What should have been our coupled life as one.
A thousand choices drowned me deep in debt,
Beneath mistakes that ne’er can be undone….

I’m sorry that I didn’t share my heart,
Declare my love and want of wedded bliss.
Consign myself a beggar for a part,
A willing slave for even just a kiss.

I’m sorry that I didn’t make a vow
To stay by you no matter what befalls,
Protect you from the pains of here and now,
And conquer all life’s barriers and walls.

I’m sorry that I didn’t take your hand,
And put my love for you on full display
By yielding up my heart to your command
Then begging you with me to run away.

I’m sorry that I didn’t fight for us,
No matter what the cost upon my life.
To win your heart and hand so glorious,
No greater joy than us as man and wife.

I’m sorry that I didn’t stay alive
With time enough to show you how I feel.
As summer ends and autumn chills arrive,
I’ll see you where my love’s forever real.

(Photo by Hoang Loc)