Return, my soul, to Wayfarers,
Within her redwood grove,
A boon to all the seafarers
By Abalone Cove.

Her sacred place and calm milieu
Grew from the son of Wright,
Her fountain, paths, and ocean view,
An awe-inspiring sight.

Her Chapel flows amidst the trees
As if sprung from the Earth.
Her soul and frame kissed by the breeze,
The babe it’s given birth.

She’s full of glass from top to side,
God’s glory from above,
Around His beauty and His pride,
This monument of love.

How many souls entwined their hearts
Within her Chapel womb,
With Heaven blessing their new starts
In love’s fresh flow’ring bloom?

Return, my soul, to Wayfarers,
When burdens shall increase,
For there my load will find bearers
To help me find my peace.

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