No power corrupts a human being;
Corruption from within we’re seeing.

A knife itself will never kill
Bar wielded by a killer’s will.
The monarchy will not corrupt
Save he who wants to be worshipped.
Not riches that create the greed,
But one’s own selfish, inner need.
A leader needs not all control
Unless she’s broken in her soul.

For power is neither bad or good;
No conscience teaching what one should.

We all should therefore realize
That power’s a tool that amplifies;
In hearts with good, it beautifies;
In hearts corrupt, ‘twill brutalize.
But since all humans have within
The fallen ways of Adam’s sin,
Temptation’s fight has always been
A battle we will never win.

So power must be handled well
Lest we make earth into a hell.

Elect a leader carefully
And always in plurality.
Make checks and balances the rule;
Have ways to oust the crooked fool.
Require full transparency
With money spent and salary.
If someone seems too good to you,
Assume it’s too good to be true.

The one who wields such power right?
What an extraordinary sight!

(Photo by Evelyn Chong)