With all our wealth and things to do
It’s easy to forget to say
That things could be much worse, it’s true,
And so we should give thanks today.

Our worries may pile to the sky
With many bills and debts to pay,
Yet so much goodness dwells nearby,
That’s why we should give thanks today.

We all can moan our aches and pains,
Life’s chaos and its disarray,
And fail to see our lavish gains,
Therefore we should give thanks today.

Regret and loss, remorse and grief
Can lead our fragile hearts astray,
But God is good and life is brief,
So let our hearts give thanks today.

Our Lord had sent His Son to us
To die and all our sins to pay,
And that alone is glorious,
For that alone: give thanks today.

Each day we live does testify
Our life’s a gift we can’t repay.
So let us our Lord glorify,
And unto Him give thanks today.

(Photo by Pixabay)