Though blood may cry out from the ground,
The System didn’t exact its due,
And justice may not now be found.
To seek revenge is not for you.

All evil deeds demand a cost,
So retribution you pursue,
But all the dead are gone and lost.
Revenge won’t bring them back to you.

To pull the tooth or take the eye,
Officials have been called to do,
Exact, confine, or crucify,
The sword’s with them and not with you.

You think that vengeance will obtain
By tortures daily you renew
A balm to soothe your screaming pain?
Just pain will be what’s left of you.

Perhaps those guilty lives you’ll take,
Avenging those they coldly slew.
Their likeness you will never shake;
Revenge will take your soul from you.

The best of justice found on earth
Is merely punishment’s debut.
The Final Act will show its worth
By Heaven’s Hand and not by you. 

(Photo by Pixabay)