Hope is what we walk upon,
Pathway linking there to here,
Telling us what once was gone,
Now could be so very near.

Hope’s our greatest, truest friend,
When the lost think no one comes,
Perseveres until the end,
Anthems drowning requiems.

Hope gives life to hungry souls,
Needing someone to believe,
Careless of exacting tolls,
Solitary hearts who grieve.

Hope burns torches in the night,
Searching, stumbling in the dark,
Never giving up the fight,
Spite of chances being stark.

Hope’s our greatest enemy,
Stops us living life again,
Kills our joy and gaiety,
Only thinks of could-have-been.

Hope destroys what’s logical,
Risks hysteria and rage,
Takes a beating terrible,
Turns to bitterness with age.

Hope’s a grave to sleep inside,
Barely living day to day,
Gone are dignity and pride,
All that’s left: to wish and pray.

Hope defines our human lives,
Tells us who we are within,
Shows how each of us survives,
Speaks of where our hearts begin.

(Photo from Pixabay)