I dream of moments on the Cliffs
That look out to the sea
Where sailboats and the wandering skiffs
Will not intrude on me.

Where salty ocean air surrounds
And wraps its frosty arms,
While faintly whistling the sounds
Of peace from worldly harms.

Where grass like feathers downy soft
Caress my feet and toes,
As dandelions float aloft
And take with them my woes.

I want to cast my pains and cares
Out over that soft edge,
And feel a universe that shares
My daily dreary dredge.

And then I see the sunset’s glow
From far horizon’s end
Upon the ocean carpet flow,
Unto my shores descend.

I wish to walk upon that path
Where glory’s warmth awaits
And melt within that golden bath
Where passion ne’er abates.

I stand upon those lonely Cliffs
Within my dreaming eye
And wish to ponder all my ifs
And never say good-bye.

(Photo from blogwithphotos.net)