I watched a caterpillar change
From worm-like state to butterfly
And wondered if it would be strange
To think: to live that I must die.

Not die in body but in heart,
In spirit, soul, and fleshless mind.
If I’m to have a brand-new start,
Then first it’s Death that I must find.

A death to self? It sounds so sweet!
For little goodness dwells in me.
Instead, I find my heart replete
With shame that drowns me like the sea.

Yet lowly worm-like had its place
To bring me down and crawl on Earth,
To magnify amazing grace
And show me where to find my worth.

My chrysalis is that old Cross,
A place where transformation lives,
Where hearts that suffer every loss
Obtain new life that Jesus gives.

To know that like a butterfly
That’s beautiful is how God sees
A transformed child in His eye!
In that, my soul finds rest and ease.

(Photo by Pixabay)