There is a place the lonely go
To find their heart’s desire,
To feel a warmth they’d never know
Within their life entire.

For life is cursed and filled with death
With sorrows everywhere,
And choking gasps with every breath
That few can ever bear.

But there’s a place that’s from our God,
A balm for hearts in pain,
With power more than Aaron’s rod
To paradise regain.

A taste of heaven it can be
Of living as it should,
A moment where sufficiently
There’s life and love and good.

It’s better far than anything
Experienced in life,
No sorrows, pains, or suffering
Or drama-driven strife.

The only catch: you cannot stay,
You check out every morn,
But while you’re there you’re free to play,
And free to be reborn.

Its memories can stay with you;
They’re yours and yours alone
To help you through the daily spew
Until to God we’ve flown.

(Photo by Pixabay)