(Continuation from Part 1)

Lurtz swung his sword at Aragorn
Who clashed with his– a mighty swing
Lurtz threw the Ranger at a tree,
His head hit and began to ring.

No second wasted Lurtz threw hard
His shield shaped near double-U.
It pinned the Ranger to a tree
Around his neck, his head up through.

This left his head much like a side
Of meat upon a metal plate.
So Lurtz held tight his mighty sword
In order to decapitate.

He rushed and swung across his shield,
When Strider yanked it off his throat.
He ducked down low and punched his foe,
But had no time to cheer or gloat.

For Lurtz absorbed the punch as naught
And threw the Ranger up and back.
Lurtz chopped but missed as Strider rolled
And kicked him hard as his attack.

It stunned the Uruk for a breath,
So, Strider pulled a dagger short,
And plunged it into Lurtz’s thigh
Who howled, but punched him with a snort.

He grabbed and butted Aragorn,
Then knocked him hard ten feet away.
Lurtz pulled the knife out roaring loud,
But licked the blade as if to play.

The Ranger seemed not fully there
When Lurtz threw hard that licked-on blade.
But Strider knocked it far away
And showed Lurtz he was not afraid.

Lurtz gripped his sword as Strider rose.
For seven strikes they clashed with skill.  
Then Strider chopped off Lurtz’s arm  
And plunged his sword in for the kill.

That Lurtz was strong and did not fall.
Remaining hand he used to pull,
His body closer through the blade
And roared to show him powerful.

The Ranger pulled his sword out fast
And deftly lopped off Lurtz’s head,
Which spurt and plopped onto the ground;
This time forever, he was dead.

Now battered, bloody Aragorn
Took time to look around the place.
He found his friend still breathing, though,
So ashen was his once proud face.

“They took the little ones,” he said,
With ragged gasps, three arrows shown.
“Lay still,” the Ranger said to him
And checked his wounds as he did moan.

“Where’s Frodo?” asked the Gondor man.
“I let him go,” the Ranger said.
“You did what I could not, brother,”
Said Boromir who held his head.

“I tried to take the Ring from him,”  
Confessed the dying man with shame.
“The Ring’s beyond our reach right now,”
Said Strider shelving any blame.

“I did not see,” said Boromir.
“Forgive me; I have failed you all.”
“No, Boromir, you bravely fought;
Your honor’s standing strong and tall.”

Then Strider reached for arrows struck.
“No, leave it!” Boromir did bark.
“It’s done; the world of Men will fall,
And all will come to bleak and dark.

“My City, too, will suffer loss…!”
“I do not know,” the Ranger said,
“What strength is in my blood and bones.
I swear to you…,” to him he pled,

“… I will not let the City fall.
Nor will I let our people fail.”
“Our people,” echoed Boromir
Whose face had worse begun to pale.

Again, “Our people,” he said glad,
And turned to something at his side.
The Ranger saw his fallen blade,
And gave it back to him with pride.

Then Boromir clutched hard his sword
Unto his chest with final strength,
A noble warrior to the end.
Then Legolas arrived at length.

“I would have followed you, brother,”
The Gondor man told Strider true.
“My captain… and my King,” he said
With strong convictions ringing through.

His eyes still wide, he breathed his last.
The Ranger touched his forehead soft,
“Have peace now, son of Gondor,” said.
As he then held his head aloft.

He kissed his head, then stood up tall,
As Gimli came, his death to see.
The mounds that Boromir had slain
Had proved his strength and bravery.

“The Tower looks for his return,”
Said Aragorn. “But he won’t come….”
A tear rolled down the Ranger’s eye.
Inside they all felt cold and numb….

(Photo from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, by New Line Cinema)