Based on The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring movies
By Peter Jackson (extended edition)

Atop a hillock, Strider fought
An Uruk, grappled hand to hand.
While Legolas’ bow was taut
And stood sure-footed on that land.

Two charging foes he downed, one-two,
His arrows piercing through their hearts.
Four passing ones while running fast
Were struck and killed by rapid darts.

Then carefully did Legolas,
His seventh, aim a bit more slow,
And gauged the penetration strength
Of this last arrow at this foe.

Released, it struck the Uruk who
Still wrestled with yon Aragorn.
He fell down dead, then Legolas
Turned back when came a sounding horn.

“The Horn of Gondor!” yelled the elf.
Now freed, the Ranger armed and ran,
And shouted, “Boromir!” sword out,
To meet up with his fellow Man.

But Uruks, too, perceived the horn
And knew their quarry had been found.
They intercepted Aragorn,
Who stopped to fight them all around.

Below, the Uruks charged the Man,
Who blew his horn with blaring sound,
Then stopped to fight the nearest one,
Whom he then flipped right to the ground.

Again, the Ranger fought to get
Much closer to his Fellowship.
But foes continued to delay,
With constant fights, his hurried trip.

An Uruk fell, his arm chopped off,
From strikes by Boromir’s strong sword.
The Hobbits both then leaped on him
To finish him in one accord.

Another came, but Gondor’s man
Defended, sent him back to hell.
“Run! Run!” he shouted as he saw
Some more invade that shallow dell.

Then stopped and turned, engaged a foe
Who almost got the jump on them.
Strong Merry, Pippin found some rocks
To join this deadliest mayhem.

With aim so true, they took some down,
As clanks on metal rang about.
Nearby them Boromir fought on
By blocks and thrusts and then a shout.

They bravely fought in that low place,
When Lurtz came walking up so slow.
This leader of the Uruk-Hai
Had carefully prepared his bow.

An arrow big and black, he nocked
And loosed it straight at Boromir.
It struck his heart and broke their spell,
Which turned their courage into fear.

In shock the Hobbits stopped their strikes,
As Boromir fell to his knees.
A way back, Lurtz emitted snarls
That echoed loud throughout the trees.

Despite his pain, the Gondor man
Arose with shouts to fight some more.
He fought some more and downed them sure,
Emitting his own triumph roar.

Lurtz, closer, loosed a second shot
That struck the stomach of the Man.
It knocked the wind from Boromir,
Whose final moments then began.

Lurtz snarled as if to say, “Stay down!”
As Boromir collapsed again.
All time had seemed to travel slow.
His death now seemed not what but when.

With Merry overwhelmed, aghast,
And Pippin staring in a daze,
The Gondor captain turned to face
The helpless Hobbits in his haze.

Behind him, Uruks closed their ranks,
As Boromir fought for each breath.
A final shout, he rose to slay
As many foes before his death.

Heroically, he stopped two more,
When Lurtz’s third shaft struck his chest.
This time he crumpled down for good,
His body needing final rest.

Outraged, the Hobbits rose up bold,
With shouts, renewed their small attacks.
But Uruks large disarmed them quick
And hauled them up onto their backs.

Strong Merry and young Pippin left,
The prisoners of Uruk-Hai,
Ignoring fallen Boromir
As if they knew he’d surely die.

Now helpless, dying, on his knees,
His foes ran past him one by one.
Except for Lurtz who strode right up
To make sure Boromir was done.

Deliberately slow again,
Lurtz sported smug a giant grin.
He nocked an arrow, pulled it slow,
For Boromir, prone, could not win.

But just as Lurtz prepared to fire,
A body slammed him to the earth.
From Amon Hen had Strider strode
And showed his Ranger’s strength and worth.

The arrow loosed but errantly.
It missed, as Lurtz regained his feet.
Arose the Ranger also strong,
These mighty two at last did meet….

(Finale in Part 2…)

(Photo from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, by New Line Cinema)