High in the mountain and low on the plain,
Lord, You are there blessing every domain.
Soft by the meadow and deep in the vale,
Your faithfulness to us never will fail.


If I traverse across dangerous seas,
Lord, You are there bringing comfort and ease.
Storms may approach me and threaten my ship.
Rest I in peace knowing I’m in Your grip. (Refrain)


If I am crossing through blistering sands,
Lord, You are there; I’m secure in Your hands.
Lost I may roam where the heat dominates.
You’ll lead me steadfastly to Zion’s gates. (Refrain)


If I am climbing a cliffside of stone,
Lord, You are there; I am never alone.
Dangers may find me at perilous heights.
Safe in Your pinions my soul can take flight. (Refrain)


If I am facing my enemies near
Lord, You are there to assuage every fear.
Foes may still press me, the battle not won.
You’ll fight beside me until all is done. (Refrain)


If I am taking my very last breath
Lord, You are there to protect me from Death.
Darkness may come, yet I know I will be
Home in Your loving arms cradling me. (Refrain)

(Photo by fotografierende)