Were I to cast an upward glance
To see the Savior’s face,
Survey the glorious expanse
Of His unending grace,
I’d bend my knee and breathlessly
Give thanks to Him fore’er
And fill my heart entirely
With worship, praise, and prayer.

Were I to peer behind the veil,
See blinding holiness,
His effulgence in full array’l
Of perfect righteousness,
My eyes would turn with painful burn,
But Jesus, near, would say,
“Safe passage through My life did earn,
My death, thy sins to pay.”

Were I to gaze into my soul
Where darkness once prevailed,
Whose shores before did sin control
And righteousness had failed,
The brightness of His boundless love
Would lift my shame-filled heart
And promise me that God above
From me will ne’er depart.

Were I to see the pits of flame
Where souls of men endure
As holy wrath their spirits maim,
The price for lives impure,
I would despair the suff’ring there
With never-ending tears,
And vow the Gospel to declare
The days of all my years.

Were I to look into the hills
Encamped by armies vast,
Mine enemies the valleys fill,
About my walls amassed,
The only sight of that dark night
My soul would then desire
Would be to see the shining light
Of chariots of fire.